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Why Art?

This life of ours is a design made of experiences that we craft together!

Would be interesting to be artistic about it.

My work is personal. Their objectives are personal. They make sense in their own ways to the world. Knowing these interactions of personal and world makes this experience interesting.

— NsN.

This is a post, to clarify my intentions of showcasing work to you. I, my thoughts, otherwise alone, when interact with you, result in experiences, for me and you. These experiences can lead to a full filling, pleasing environment around us. My intent to work is towards such an environment, for me, and for us.

Do experience these expressions, and share them. Design life for GooD!

Fading borders with Art

Fade all of these borders, and there would be a canvas for us to paint.

In the beginning, there was a canvas.

Then came lines.

These lines made shapes.

And then there came colors and patterns inside shapes. Some colors stay, some tend to spread.

And then, what’s suppose to be a colorful pattern, is looking to like a wall to us, made up of our own made boundaries.

So we take brush, and start fading them.

They are now fading back into a canvas, that we will paint together.

Half Life

Coming out of the boundaries, rules and conditioning of a life till now, a new life comes. Half Life!

Why do we need to be in our boundaries of perception, fear and unknown? Half life, is about crossing the bridge. It’s about accepting that what’s been till now, is in past, and we are now ready to discover what is coming. It’s about excitement of life to explore the unknown, the blurry, the fade images lying ahead of us, which we are about to see. Let’s get there, cross all the boundaries of past, and enjoy the beauty of life coming ahead of us.

This piece of work at Vernakala Exhibition, Karnataka, India.

Sitting in a Book Cafe in Bangalore India

Charcoal on Paper

A book cafe called Atta Galatta in Bangalore, India.

A Sunday Morning, with a cup of Hot Chocolate, charcoal on paper.

In life, we often come across to these places, which are very neutral, for everyone, plain and simple. I enjoy being at such places. They have a sense of organic way of life. Simplicity is a filter, we can see reality; real things, people, places and life.

I have seen, working with a piece of Charcoal on paper, this medium needs such a filter of simplification towards our life, our thoughts. It simplifies us.

Voice of Origin

origin on a canvas

The beginning: from the darkness comes a voice.

It spreads like light, like waves, pure energy, all over.

You see elements, changing to shapes, co lours, patterns, orders, structures, and they merging in waves coming from the same origin.

Self is a part of origin, of everything around it, from beginning , till beyond. The voice of origin, is in you.

Why is it NsN, with a small “S”?

Who, why or what is NsN? To begin with it looks like my name’s initials, N. Shankar Narayan. Why is “s” SmalL?

What you’re going to read now, is a small thought, yet it can leave big impact.

To start, consider that we alone as individuals are small!

Now important for us to consider is what’s around us, people, work and our environment; and then what we decide to do with them. We can choose to make things go bigger for better.

To start, consider that we alone as individuals are small!

The small “S” represents me surrounded by “N”s, whom I intent to make grow bigger for better. These are people, work and environment around me. It’s you.